Destinations: 15 Things to do in Sydney

We probably could have come up with a list of 100 things to do in Sydney – the city will never leave you stuck when it comes to all of the shopping, food, activities or breathtaking sights that it has to offer!  Here are our 15 picks for what you should get up to while you’re exploring ‘The Harbour City’…

1 – Soak up some rays on Bondi Beach (obvi…)


2 – Stock up on Asian ingredients at Paddy’s Markets in Chinatown.

Photo by Brian Giesen (Creative Commons)
Photo by Brian Giesen (Creative Commons)

3 – Take in the view from North Head…shutterstock_308289497


4 – or rise above Sydney and enter the Blue Mountains region.

Blue Mountain

5 – Climb Harbour Bridge (ideally not with a hangover!)

Harbour Bridge

6 – Or explore Sydney Opera house.


7 – Spend an afternoon at the Taronga Zoo…


8 – Or try out a whale-watching cruise.


9 – Go ‘glamping’ on Cockatoo Island.

Cockatoo Island

10 – Appreciate some natural beauty at the Royal Botanic Garden.


11 – Chill out at Coogee Beach.

coogee Beach

12 – Sample some delish eats at Darling Harbour.

Photo by Tim J Keegan (Creative Commons)
Photo by Tim J Keegan (Creative Commons)

13 – Stuff your face with candyfloss and ride the rollercoaster at Luna Park.

Luna Park

14 – Take in a bit of history around The Rocks…


15 – Or just enjoy the view from above on a city helicopter tour!


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