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China Open Two Terrifying Glass Walkways In Tianmen and Shanghai

It’s official. China has gone mad.

If you thought that the Great Wall of China was enough, well think again! In the past week, they’ve added two new attractions that are a must for thrill seekers.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park – 100m Glass Walkway

High up in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, they have put a whole new spin on mountain climbing by converting a wooden walkway into a glass-bottomed one. The new section, named ‘The Coiling Dragon Path’, is a 100m walkway that is only 1067m up in the Tianmen Mountains. Talk about living the high life!

There is no need to worry about the walkway, though. To prove the strength of the glass, officials first cracked it (eh….what??) and THEN drove a car full of people over it.

And if that wasn’t enough, this guy also hit it with a sledgehammer. (I trust the hammer more than the car anyways.)

The path is the park’s third walkway. The predecessors/second being the world’s longest glass bridge, measuring at 430m across.

Jinmao Tower, Shanghai – Handrail-Free Walkway


Shanghai Bridge.PNG
You’d want to be seriously brave to take on this one in Shanghai…


You don’t need to venture to the forest to get those big thrills. In Shanghai city centre, part of the Jinmao Tower has been converted into a handrail-free walkway. 

Up on the 88th floor, 15 people at a time can pay to see the Shanghai city from this ridiculous angle. All that’s holding you back from a 400m freefall is a rock climbing harness and your acrophobia (fear of heights). According to the Straits Times, it’s the highest outdoor handrail-free walkway in the world!

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New South Wales: David Malin Awards Photos Will Blow You Away

These are some absolutely breathtaking pictures…

New South Wales, Australia may not be as famous as say, Norway or Iceland for stargazing and the Northern Lights but these 11 submissions for the Astrofest 2016. Established by the Central West Astronomical Society in order to bring some of the best astronomical photographers in Australia and beyond, the exhibition will be touring the country, starting in  Sydney Observatory on Friday Aug 13.

We could ramble on about the impossible beauty of these images all day (and night), but we’d rather just let you enjoy them. Scroll down for the overall winner of the ‘David Malin Awards 2016’.

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Astrofest Winner.PNG
The overall winner is this stunning pic of the Simlin Orion by Troy Caswe


Beautiful New Zealand Beach Bought via Crowdfunding And Made Public

Power to the people!

Crowdfunding is becoming more and more popular to give like-minded people the opportunity to back ideas they’re passionate about and this may just be the best one yet!

Seeing that this beautiful stretch of private New Zealand coastline was up for sale, Kiwi’s Duane Major and Adam Gardner decided to set up a Crowdfund to re-claim this little piece of heaven at Awaroa beach on the northern tip of New Zealand’s stunning South Island and give it back to the public.

The project gained serious traction with 40,000 people contributing over $2m to free the beach from private ownership and have it become part of Abel Tasman National Park. Having raised most of the funds needed, a $350,000 donation from the New Zealand Government helped get the sale over the line.

Finally, on the 10th July the deeds officially changed hands and was simultaneously opened to the delighted public. What a brilliant example of people power..and what a beautiful beach!

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Two Girls In Wellington Have A Kayak Adventure Thanks to Pokemon GO!

Best Pokemon GO adventure yet?

The internet has literally lost it’s sense of reality since Pokemon GO landed in the US, Australia & New Zealand last week. The app, which seems to have finally harnessed the true potential of AR has literally millions of Pokemon fans racking up the miles to find and catch Pokemon and take over gyms.

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6 Air Travel Mix Ups That Went Very Wrong!

We all get things mixed up from time to time, but when it comes to airports, you really need to make sure you’re flying to the right one! Otherwise, you could find yourself a LONG way from where you want to be, as these six all found out…

Wrong Salvador!

An Australian couple on a “once in a lifetime” trip to watch a World Cup match in Salvador, Brazil ended up in San Salvador, El Salvador – a city with a reputation as one of the most dangerous in the world.

Miles from intended destination: 3,900 miles

Wanted to go to Spain, ended up in the Caribbean!

An American dentist on his way to a conference in Granada in Spain (or so he thought) ended up on a flight to Grenada in the Caribbean. Not such a bad place to end up, but he did go via London to get there!

Miles from intended destination: 4,000 miles

At least both Birmingham’s are cities…

A British couple booked a dream holiday to Las Vegas, but on arrival at Birmingham airport couldn’t find any flights to Las Vegas on the departure board. In this case, they had got the arrival destination correct, but had booked flights from Birmingham, Alabama in the USA!

Miles from intended departure airport: 4,200 miles

Dakar and Dhaka, both near the Equator but not near each other!

An American couple who were invited by a friend to visit him in Dakar, Senegal found themselves in Dhaka, Bangladesh. And when they thought things couldn’t get any worse, their bags went missing for 2 days, just to rub salt in the wounds. Ouch.

Miles from intended destination: 6,900 miles

Wanted a hot Sydney, got a very, very cold Sydney

A couple from Italy thought they’d bagged a bargain when they bought their tickets to sunny Sydney. When they started flying east, however, they realized something wasn’t quite right and ended up in chilly Sydney in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Miles from intended destination: 10,600 miles

Vietnamese Pilots Had One Job!

Ok, this one has to take the biscuit! It’s not just passengers – it seems airlines can get airports mixed up too. A budget Vietnamese airline intended for Lien Khoung Airport in Vietnam’s Central Highlands touched down at Cam Ranh Airport by a popular coastal resort. All passengers were transferred to another flight, which presumably knew where it was going.

Miles from intended destination: 62, but the scale of this blunder is surely off the charts!

Croatia Gets Europe’s First Zipline, 100m Above The Sea!

It’s common knowledge at this stage that one of our favourite destinations to visit in Europe is beautiful, sun-soaked Croatia. The beaches are stunning, the architecture (Game of Thrones fans, you know) is breathtaking and the people are so accommodating and friendly. In fact here’s 25 Pics that will convince you Croatia is actually heaven!

Now, Croatia has added yet another unmissable experience to it’s ever growing travel armoury with Europe’s First Zipline Over Water!


The seaside town of Crikvenica opened the zip line on June 24th, 2016 (image via nathanmac87)


We’ve featured a similar zip line in Haiti recently that looks like the most fun you can possibly have in a seated position and now Croatia has followed suit by opening this one in Crikvenica, near the hugely popular coastal town of Rijeka. The 500m line offers stunning views of the Kačjak peninsula from 100 feet up and will reach approx 65km/h just like Croatia’s most popular zip line (for now) at the Centina River.

We cannot wait to have a go!

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WATCH: First Thrill Seekers Tackle LA’s New 1,000 ft High Glass Slide

LA is about to get yet another tourist attraction and it’ll offer you the best view of the city…but only for 36 glorious feet!

Home Slide

Opening on the 25th June, 70 storeys outside Los Angeles tallest building, The Sky Slide looks like 36 feet of excellence (once you’re not scared of heights). The new installation/attraction is made of 1 1/4 inch thick glass suspended over 1,000 feet above the city streets. The best part? This isn’t some Googlesque perk for the employees in the US Bank Tower but open to the public from $8 a go (or a dollar for every 4.5 feet!).

Bank Tower.PNG

Worried about the glass cracking? The engineers behind the slide loaded it with 10,000 lbs of sand and hung it there for an hour without so much as a creak. Getting over the mental fear of staring straight down over LA however, might pose more of an obstacle to make you tackle the slide!

Even though the Sky Slide isn’t open until the 25th, some ‘adrenalin junkies’ have been spotted having a preview of as the video below shows.

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Enormous 3km Art Installation Allows Visitors To Explore Lake Iseo, Italy

Ok, so it’s not quite ‘walking on water’ but it’s about as close to it as you can get in Italy for the next 16 days…

Lake Iseo 2
An expected half a million people are expected to visit in the 16 days!

The Floating Piers are a spectacular 3 kilometre gangway across Lake Iseo from the small Italian village of Sulanzo to the small island of Monte Isola in the province of Brescia, northern Italy. Created by artist, Christo, the gangway is made up of 200,000 cubes of high density polyethylene and from an engineering point of view is quite an ambitious feat to achieve! Without any guardrails, just a 53 feet wide fabric covering the cubes, the installation looks like it actually breathes. Check it out…

At first, the installation might appear as a very cool, albeit ultimately useless endeavour however practical uses of this kind of engineering innovation start to become apparent. What about access to safety in areas of severe flooding? What about something like this proposal to create a ‘Bubble Bridge’ walkway on the Hudson to relieve New York’s subway congestion? Wouldn’t that be pretty awesome?!

Whatever your thoughts may be on the future of walkways like this one thing is clear, we would love to take a serene 3km stroll around Lake Iseo this June.

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Original article posted by Gizmodo on 20th June


14 Travel Gadgets You’ll Never Leave Behind in 2016

With teleportation still a frustratingly far off prospect, you still can’t travel any great distances around the world without enduring a certain amount of boredom/restlessness/discomfort as you get there. Even when you do, a situation will invariably arrive where you wish you had packed something from home.

Luckily for us, some very clever people are constantly innovating and creating gadgets to make the actual travelling part much more enjoyable. Between USIT’s own adventures (they’re plentiful!) and those of our customers we’ve put together these 14 Travel Gadgets that will be worth their weight in gold on your next adventure…


1. Trtl Pillow

Trtl Pillow

This is some essential ‘napparatus’ (sorry) for air travel. Business class aside, it can be bloody difficult to get some comfort and shut eye on a flight. The days of drooling into your strategically placed jacket are over thanks to the Trtl Pillow which scientifically positions your head in a more relaxing position. One drawback is looking a bit like a football hooligan but hey, comfort is comfort.

Cost: €25

2. Trakdot


Ever landed at your destination only to be left alone at the luggage carousel as your bag fails to appear? Not fun. Well, including a Trakdot in your bag acts as a GPS and also features a courier service to redirect it to you asap if it goes on a wander.

Cost: €90

3. Airhook


When you fly shorter haul, you can be pretty much guaranteed that the view from your seat won’t include an LCD display just a tray table. Propping or holding an iPad can be a bit of a nuisance and a juggling act but this little gizmo hooks onto your tray and acts as an anchor for tablets, and for your drink. Perfect.

Cost: €20

4. Asobu Water Bottle/Pill Container

Pill Container

When travelling abroad, keeping tabs on any tabs can be a little difficult. Tablets check, but no water. Water check, but no tablets. Now this very cool little gadget packs both together.

Cost: €15

5. Jet Lag Calculator

Jet g

So many people use tracking apps these days which measure their entire existence by the numbers. Steps taken, distance run, calories consumed can all be tracked to the enth degree but now you can even track how much sleep you’ll need to recover from Jet Lag as quickly as possible. *clicks to download*.

Cost: Free

6. Stratus Gaming Controller

Gaming controller

Nostalgia is an endlessly enjoyable emotion to experience. We all long to play ‘the floor is made of lava’ or try to solve a Rubik’s Cube when the opportunity presents itself. This little gadget is an absolute must for those of you who grew up with Nintendo, allowing you to play all the old classics, using the old controller via an iPad. A bluetooth & app combination will make any flight whizz by. You can also play multiplayer on one device so buying two is a great idea!

Cost: €29.99

7. Trail Wallet App

Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet is a simplistic free app that’ll help keep your travelling budget in check. You don’t want to be worried about the money running out, especially if you’re travelling for a longer time than just a week or too. This app will be your own personal bank manager. Crucial.

Cost: Free

8. BackBeat Bluetooth Headphones


The vast majority of travellers will have audio of some description to help drown out their surroundings whether on a plane, train, bus or camel (maybe don’t wear earphones on a camel). We chose these BackBeat Headphones as the best option as they’re wireless, stylish and have a freakishly long battery life of over 24 hours.

Cost: €140

9. Scrubba Wash Bag


This is the self proclaimed ‘world’s smallest washing machine’ and possibly the greatest recent invention for backpackers around the world! Weighing a grand total of 140g it packs a flexible internal washboard that you can manually wash your clothes from outside the bag. Genius, I’ll take seven.

Cost: €48

10. Lithium Card HyperCharger

Lithium Charger

This is the slickest mobile phone charger you can get. This Lithium Card is essentially credit card that can pop out of your wallet and give your phone some extra juice, although it is a little on the expensive side. Hey, we didn’t say being James Bond would cost you pennies!

Cost: €60

11. Viator


Viator is your own personal travel guide (but without the terrible jokes), providing you with all sorts of cool info on wherever you might be plus an interactive map and most importantly the best deals on tours in cities. You can even book discount tours natively in the app.

Cost: Free

12. Open Table

Open Table

The final must have travel app in 2016 is Open Table, making sure you’re never disappointed in getting a table at a restaurant in the US. While the app is predominantly useful when you’re in the States, the app’s usage is growing internationally as hot spots like Abu Dhabi, Sydney and London are now listed.

Cost: Free

13. Sandless Towel

What if I told you there is a beach mat out there that is impossible to cover in sand? Well, there actually is! This genius mat is made from two layers of polyurethane which, like a sieve, instantly filters any sand back from whence it came. Look!

Cost: €45






Frenchman Sailing The World With the Perfect Companion – A Hen!

Choosing the perfect travel companion is some pretty crucial stuff when you decide to spread your wings (the glory of this pun is about to be revealed…) but 24-year old Frenchman, Guirec Soudee appears to have it cracked…

Meet Monique, at the time a five-month old Hen who Guirec ‘convinced’ to go travel the world with him. Starting in the Canary Islands two-years ago the more than unusual partnership has blossomed into a close friendship between man and chicken. Despite his initial fears about her adaptability to the open seas, it seems that she has some sturdy sea legs.

“At the beginning, I was very worried – there would be huge waves and she might stumble, it would look for a second like she might go overboard, but she would always regain her footing. She’s very brave”, he said when speaking to the BBC and asked about the early days.

“But when there are bad winds now, I’m much more careful and she goes inside”.

Monique, can lay about six eggs a week and is free to roam the 38ft deck while Guirec steers the ship and their epic adventure has already taken them to the Caribbean and the Arctic! Next up, the pair are set to tackle the Bering Strait with Monique’s hutch providing a reliable source of comfort to combat the cold.

Where to go from there?

“We’re not sure, we haven’t talked about it yet”, he says when asked.

“We talk a lot, Monique and I”, says Guirec.

Chicken Sunset
This could be a more romantic pairing than Leo & Kate on the Titantic…

The inseparable pair are currently moored in Greenland where they’ve quickly become celebrities (to the 56,000 strong population) and their adventure is definitely worth a follow via Facebook and Instagram.

It turns out being a chicken about travelling the world is actually not as poor a decision as it originally seems…

All credit for this interview to the BBC and Ronald Hughes.