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China Open Two Terrifying Glass Walkways In Tianmen and Shanghai

It’s official. China has gone mad.

If you thought that the Great Wall of China was enough, well think again! In the past week, they’ve added two new attractions that are a must for thrill seekers.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park – 100m Glass Walkway

High up in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, they have put a whole new spin on mountain climbing by converting a wooden walkway into a glass-bottomed one. The new section, named ‘The Coiling Dragon Path’, is a 100m walkway that is only 1067m up in the Tianmen Mountains. Talk about living the high life!

There is no need to worry about the walkway, though. To prove the strength of the glass, officials first cracked it (eh….what??) and THEN drove a car full of people over it.

And if that wasn’t enough, this guy also hit it with a sledgehammer. (I trust the hammer more than the car anyways.)

The path is the park’s third walkway. The predecessors/second being the world’s longest glass bridge, measuring at 430m across.

Jinmao Tower, Shanghai – Handrail-Free Walkway


Shanghai Bridge.PNG
You’d want to be seriously brave to take on this one in Shanghai…


You don’t need to venture to the forest to get those big thrills. In Shanghai city centre, part of the Jinmao Tower has been converted into a handrail-free walkway. 

Up on the 88th floor, 15 people at a time can pay to see the Shanghai city from this ridiculous angle. All that’s holding you back from a 400m freefall is a rock climbing harness and your acrophobia (fear of heights). According to the Straits Times, it’s the highest outdoor handrail-free walkway in the world!

Chinese thrill seekers are on top of their game this summer! Want to go join them? Check out our China packages or drop us a line info@usit.ie or on (01) 602 1906

Two Girls In Wellington Have A Kayak Adventure Thanks to Pokemon GO!

Best Pokemon GO adventure yet?

The internet has literally lost it’s sense of reality since Pokemon GO landed in the US, Australia & New Zealand last week. The app, which seems to have finally harnessed the true potential of AR has literally millions of Pokemon fans racking up the miles to find and catch Pokemon and take over gyms.

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Frenchman Sailing The World With the Perfect Companion – A Hen!

Choosing the perfect travel companion is some pretty crucial stuff when you decide to spread your wings (the glory of this pun is about to be revealed…) but 24-year old Frenchman, Guirec Soudee appears to have it cracked…

Meet Monique, at the time a five-month old Hen who Guirec ‘convinced’ to go travel the world with him. Starting in the Canary Islands two-years ago the more than unusual partnership has blossomed into a close friendship between man and chicken. Despite his initial fears about her adaptability to the open seas, it seems that she has some sturdy sea legs.

“At the beginning, I was very worried – there would be huge waves and she might stumble, it would look for a second like she might go overboard, but she would always regain her footing. She’s very brave”, he said when speaking to the BBC and asked about the early days.

“But when there are bad winds now, I’m much more careful and she goes inside”.

Monique, can lay about six eggs a week and is free to roam the 38ft deck while Guirec steers the ship and their epic adventure has already taken them to the Caribbean and the Arctic! Next up, the pair are set to tackle the Bering Strait with Monique’s hutch providing a reliable source of comfort to combat the cold.

Where to go from there?

“We’re not sure, we haven’t talked about it yet”, he says when asked.

“We talk a lot, Monique and I”, says Guirec.

Chicken Sunset
This could be a more romantic pairing than Leo & Kate on the Titantic…

The inseparable pair are currently moored in Greenland where they’ve quickly become celebrities (to the 56,000 strong population) and their adventure is definitely worth a follow via Facebook and Instagram.

It turns out being a chicken about travelling the world is actually not as poor a decision as it originally seems…

All credit for this interview to the BBC and Ronald Hughes.